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Photos: © Anne Staveley


For over thirty years we’ve been welcoming clients to their new homes, homes that we’ve built from the ground up. Born out of a commitment to beautiful work and lasting craftsmanship, Frank Yardman Construction hasn’t wavered in its devotion to building homes that embrace the dreams of each new client, the benefits of proven techniques combined with new materials and approaches, and the opportunity to do work that is both classic and profoundly relevant. Every home we start, and every home we finish, captures the best of that tradition, and our work shows it.


Every conversation with every client begins with a search for knowledge and understanding. From both flow the sort of work and reputation that we’re known for. As a first step, we invite you to explore, and when you’re ready, let’s talk.


Being a custom homebuilder in Santa Fe takes more than the necessary skills of good planning, good management, or knowing how to lay solid foundations. 

There's something more - a respect for the land and for its people. For its artistic and creative traditions, for the relationships that shape communities and lives, and an honoring of history embodied this larger ideal of the Santa Fe custom home builder. 

In a part of the country where legacy and reputation have always been valued and respected, family businesses like Frank Yardman Construction are more than a statement of success, it's a promise to all our clients. "It's one my grandfather honored, and my father, and now myself," says Frank Yardman III.

Born out of desire of beautiful and lasting craftsmanship, Frank Yardman Construction hasn't wavered in its commitment to fulfilling that promise while embracing the dreams of each new client, the benefits of proven techniques combined with new materials and approaches. As well as the opportunity to do work that is both classic and profoundly relevant. 


Frank Yardman III

Frank has been a key part of the family business since high school graduation, helping his dad to build Frank Yardman Construction from the ground up, even working while attending UNM. After about a decade working construction, Frank’s dad encouraged him to get his real estate license, given what his father referred to as his “unique gift of gab.” He was right, Frank admits, “I really do love the human aspect of the business, working with our clients, directly.” Today, the buck stops with Frank who jokes that it’s his name on the company’s door. That said, he also insists that when you work with Frank Yardman Construction, “We come
as a clan. We take great pride in our family’s work and have pride of ownership and of our company’s history.”

Beyond the human aspect, it’s the design process that appeals to Frank most. His work provides him an inspiring, creative outlet. “Years of working construction and real estate hand-in-hand have given me a unique vision and expertise,” he says. “I love thinking about
a lot, the space, the people and their lifestyles, and then putting it all together and sharing my vision with them.”


Penny Yardman-Gonzales

Penny and her father both initially worked
for a commercial builder—her dad as a superintendent and she as a laborer, learning the construction trades from the ground up. When they decided home building was what they wanted to pursue, Frank Yardman Construction was born in 1983. After learning all the basic trades in the industry hands-on from her father, from pouring cement to framing, drywall and painting, Penny perfected the rights and wrongs of multitude other construction trades. Forty years later, she’s learned it all first hand, whether it is roofing, plumbing, tiling, plastering or electrical. As the Project Manager on each and every Frank Yardman home, Penny says, “Quality control is my thing!” And her motto? “Do it right the first time.” 


For Penny, finishing a house, getting the certificate of occupancy, and seeing their clients happy with everything is the best part of her job. When it comes to working with family, she says the best part is the trust factor. “We all strive to do the very best we can for our clients. My dad used to tease and say, ‘I had to raise my own help,’ because he knew that we all strive to do our best.” 


Christina Yardman-Gonzales

As Christina puts it, construction is “in my blood.” As the 3rd generation to work in the family business, with the hopes of one day ushering in her own young son, she notes, “We’re truly a family-run, all-family business.” Christina remembers visiting job sites as a child with her grandpa, working summer jobs as a teenager prepping houses for the Parade of Homes, and countless days in the field shadowing her mother, Penny, whom she describes as a “superwoman.” 


Christina’s role in the family business has changed over the years, and today she divides her time between administrative work in the office and on job sites. Her favorite part of the job? “Definitely witnessing the process—watching from start finish—and seeing how we go from dirt to a beautiful home our clients are going to make memories in.”


2022 Hacienda Parade of Homes Winner

Best in Show

Santa Fe Contemporary

Best Craftsmanship

Best Design

Best Kitchen

Extraordinary Audio Experience

2020 Hacienda Parade of Homes Entry
Las Estancias of Las Campanas 

2018 - Best Energy Efficiency 
Best Water Efficiency

2014 -  Grand Hacienda
Best Design

Best Master Suite


2014 -  Grand Hacienda

Best Outdoor Living Space


2011 - Best Craftsmanship
Best Design

2006 - Best Planning/Circulation/Livability
2003 - Best Craftsmanship

Best Floor Plan
           Best Master Bedroom & Bath
Best Outdoor Living Space

2002 - Best Kitchen
Best Outdoor Living Space

2001 - Best Floor Plan
Best Exterior

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